Time to Launch Something Big

fb_img_1484023142868I’ve been a part of a lot of networking groups in the past. Some were successful. Others were not. I’ve always wanted to join a networking group made up of strictly woman entrepreneurs with good morals, values, and a great work ethic.

It’s hard being a woman entrepreneur having to deal with the challenges of balancing a business and life’s issues. I was in need of wanting like minded business people around me to join my sacred circle since I work alone majority of the time. I searched for a group like this, but I didnt find any that described what I was looking for in the city.


I wanted a group that allowed women a trusted space to throw out ideas, give encouragement, share resources, successes and setbacks, learn from each other’s mistakes, possible mentorship, and to let our hair down for an hour or two over lunch, laugh, talk, cry and just be women. A group of budding and seasoned entrepreneurs who had each other’s back and prayed for each other’s success.20170115_192618I got the idea to start Launch and Learn Memphis from casually talking with other women entrepreneurs who either worked their business from home, had a full or part time job and a budding business, or wanted to start a business but didn’t know how or had the right connections. They wanted an outlet where they can strive, thrive and survive in this crazy business world.

So, on Saturday, February 18th,  I will host our first Launch and Learn Memphis Meet and Greet. I will share what the group is about, monthly format, topics and possible guest speakers.

20170111_181438This will be the year of yes for any woman who wants to tell her inner no not today because today is a great day to start something big!